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International touring blues rock powerhouse Catfish are making waves on the music scene in the UK and Europe.  


In the last few years, they have played at almost every major UK blues festival and have established themselves as a real force in the British blues scene.  They now tour regularly in Europe.


Their first album 'So Many Roads' reached no. 1 in the IBBA airplay charts, as did their second album, this one almost entirely original material - ‘Broken Man’ - which was also nominated for a UK Blues Award and was named album of the year by the IBBA.  Their current album 'Burning Bridges' was released in May 2019 and has received excellent reviews from the UK and European music press.  It was the third most played album by the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association in 2019.  They released a live album, 'Exile - Live in Lockdown' in December 2020 which was recorded during the summer of 2020 when all the venues were closed due to Covid.

UK and british blues awards

2021 - this year, the guys have been honoured to be nominated in no less than five categories - band of the year, blues artist of the year for Matt Long, instrumentalist of the year for Matt Long, album of the year for 'Exile - Live in Lockdown' and Online event of the year for the live stream of Exile - Live in Lockdown.  Matt was named Instrumentalist of the Year for the second consecutive year which was a great honour.

2020 - this year, they were named Blues Band of the Year in the UK Blues Awards for 2020 and Matt Long also won an award as Blues Instrumentalist of the Year for 2020.  Burning Bridges nominated as album of the year.

2019 - no awards process

2018 - UK Blues Award for Blues Act of the Year (England).  Broken Man nominated as Album of the Year, Matt Long nominated as Young Artist of the Year.

2017 - no awards process


2016 - British Blues Award, Paul Long, Keyboard player of the Year.  Band nominated as Emerging Artist of the Year, Matt Long nominated as Young Artist of the Year.

2015 - band nominated as Emerging Artist of the Year, Paul Long nominated as Keyboard Player of the Year.



Check out our online store below where you can buy copies of our CDs and T shirts. Until the virus passes, this is our only source of income as a band, so we really appreciate any purchases or donations, however small.

All our prices include postage and packing to the UK.

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corona virus

Like most bands, Catfish's touring schedule has been badly affected by cancellations due to venues closing.  We have had no choice but to cancel our March and April European tours and other venues and festivals in the UK and Europe look likely to have to cancel either through extensions to the lockdowns in various European countries.  Please rest assured that we will reschedule as many of these events as we possibly can for later in the year or 2021 but please bear with us while we weather this storm...

Just a thought - if you aren't able to get to the gig you were going to attend, maybe think about going to the merchandise section further down the page here and buying the CD or t shirt that you would have bought had you come.  It may not seem like a lot but it really does help us get through this difficult time with little or no income for the foreseeable future...

what's new?

Not to be daunted by the inability to play together due to the lockdown, the Catfish duo of Matt and Paul have been taking part in several online festivals and live streams over the past few weeks, and even managed to include Kev via video link on a laptop!  Thanks to the organisers of these online events and to those of you who have been kind enough to support the band, either by online tipping to their Paypal account or by joining their Patreon subscription site



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Reviews so far of 'Burning Bridges'

‘Catfish can only consolidate their place at the very top of the Blues-Rock scene with this impressive album’

Blues in Britain Magazine, May 2019

‘… this is so much more than just a blues album: you have blues, rock, gospel and all sorts of other influences that go into making this album a must have in your collection. Prepare to have your face melted by some of these tracks, pure class.’

Will Carter, Two Finger Media

‘The strong buzz that has been going around about this new album and proclaiming Catfish as one of the hottest bands of the decade aren’t wrong: the writing, playing and sheer balls-out power of this band is remarkable……It is such a joy to hear a relatively new band who are as talented and as convincing as Catfish.’ 

Andy Snipper,

‘I was astounded by the depth of styles. The production. The building and thunderous crescendos. Not since Zeppelin II. Have I been enraptured immediately by a release. Parts reminded me of Alan Parsons, early Sabbath amongst others. Only reminded, for this is a Tour de Force, the best band around, not Blues, not Rock . A unique blend of their own.’

Gary Taylor, fan

‘With their 3rd studio album, these Catfish assure themselves of a place in the British rock firmament.’, Holland

‘This is another brilliant album by the band and I’m sure it wont be long before Burning Bridges will also be mentioned at the awards ceremonies.’

Dave Martin, Jace Media



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Matt by John Bull at BBr album

Matt by John Bull at BBr album

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Kev Hickman


Kev Hickman



Kev Hickman



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