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Photo: Haydn Hart

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Quotes from the blues press, audiences, festival organisers and internet DJs

'Catfish are one of the finest live bands in Britain today.  The quality of musicianship is outstanding and in Matt Long, they have one of the greatest young guitarists on the scene today...' Blues Matters Magazine August 2017

​​'...the band's performance of Make It Rain was sensational. Over the years there are often stand out performances that stick in your memory and that certainly was one. Matt is a prodigious talent and I look forward to seeing the band's progression over the next few years' Pete Evans, organiser of Overton Blues Festival

'It's not often i get emotional but after seeing Catfish play i am man enough to say their performance brought tears to my eyes,the guitar player just blew me away and this guy plays with his heart and soul which is something you cant learn,they had a standing ovation when they finished their set, something i have never experienced before at an event.'

'This kid had me speechless, not seen talent like that in years and years, it was emotional, a privilege to mix his sound'

'Absolutely stunning performance.... A Masterclass was delivered to us, the likes of which few have the privilege to witness.'

(review of performance at Great British Rock and Blues Festival Skegness Jan 2017) ' Anyone who knows me will know that I choose my adjectives carefully, but the opening bars of 'Hit the Ground Running' could not have been more apt.  They oozed confidence from the opening bars and in guitarist/vocalist Matthew Long have a major talent in the making...there is an intensity, especially in the solos...that puts Matthew way above many of his contemporaries.' Christine Moore, Blues Matters Apr 2017.  

'If blues is defined as the ability to explore deep emotion, then 'Broken Man' is unreservedly recommended to anyone who wants a poignant reminder of what the genre is supposed to be about.'  Pete Feenstra, Get Ready To Rock (click hereto read the full review)

'Matthew ..... has such passion and devotion to the blues.....great shades of Peter Green there.  He's got one hell of a future ahead of him - a star in the making.' (Kevin Beale, Radio DJ Blues on the Marsh)

'Catfish's Broken Man is a good example of the high standard of contemporary British blues-rock...They smoulder, groove and in their own time explode out of the traps with a superbly produced blues-rock album full of well crafted songs and plenty of focussed intensity...Broken Man is essentially their self penned breakthrough album...thoughtful songwriting...booming arrangements, sparkling playing and with enough variety to stand head and shoulders over many of their contemporaries.' Pete Feenstra, Get Ready to Rock

'The hottest band in the country !!!!! Play so tight they squeak !!!''(Kevin Beale, Blues on the Marsh, Channel Radio)

​'When BB Sings the Blues EP... 'a captivating release from an immensely talented band and in Matthew Long they clearly have a star of the future in their midst, proving that contemporary Blues is in the safe hands of the next generation.' – Nigel Foster​

​'Blistering guitar wizardry from Matt Long.'  (Alan Glen, Yardbirds).

'Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Mighty Catfish have arrived. I am not sure I have ever been at a transition gig before, when a working band suddenly makes an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of an entire audience, but that’s what they did. Whilst I am no stranger to these guys, there were a lot of newbies in that room, who are now talking about Catfish and let’s hope that the momentum of public opinion will take these boys to another level. '(Alan Bates)

'Catfish were a stand out band who completely captivated a full room of adoring fans.' (Blues Matters magazine)

'Oh boy. Catfish.....what can I say? Those of you who have seen them may be surprised to hear that some people were talking at the start. Those of you who have seen them will not be surprised to hear that by the end all the attention was towards the stage.....screaming for more. They were sublime. ... Just awesome.' (Haydn Hart)

My top five at Skeggy

1) Catfish
2) Catfish
3) Catfish
4) Catfish
5) Catfish ...
 (Alan Bates)

'Bloody Brilliant. Band of the festival. Enough said.' (Susan Chamberlain)

'A totally awesome performance which had the whole audience transfixed. ' (Graham Hutton)

Click on the image below to see a video montage from the Broken Man album launch 

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