Click here to download Catfish's new album 'Broken Man' which was released on Sun 29th Jan 2017.  Click here to see the montage video from the album launch, here to see the title track in full and here to see the intro track Hit The Ground Running

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Click here to download Catfish's EP, a tribute to BB King called 'When BB Sings the Blues' which charted at 5 in February 2016 in the IBBA blues airplay charts.  To see a live video of How Blue can you Get, click here.

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​​Click hereto download Catfish's first album 'So Many Roads' which went to no. 1 in the IBBA blues airplay charts in January 2015.

Photos: Laurence Harvey


So Many Roads

During 2017 and 2018 we will be playing all over the country - if we are near you, why not come and see us?  Click on the gig list to see where we are playing.

Broken Man

​Quotes from the Great British Rock and Blues festival in Skegness Jan 2017

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About Catfish

​Broken Man album goes to no 1

When BB Sings the Blues

We are very proud to say that the Broken Man album went to no. 1 in the IBBA blues album charts (March 2017) - a huge thank you to all the IBBA radio DJs who have been such a support right from the start and without whom Catfish would possibly still be playing in pubs on the south coast. Thanks to the publicity we have had from the internet radio DJs, we now have festivals and blues club gigs all over the country and are booked for 3  European tours for 2018.  

But thanks also to all the people who have come to Catfish gigs over the past couple of years and who have come back the next time with a car full of friends.  That's how bands get known, so huge thanks to everyone one of you who has spread the word for us.

British Blues Award winners Catfish have carved a reputation for themselves as an excellent live band with a phenomenal frontman in 22 year old guitarist/vocalist Matt Long who plays with a real passion for the blues.

The band crashed onto the blues scene in January 2015, with their debut album ‘So Many Roads’ going straight in at no 1 in the IBBA blues airplay charts. Their EP, a tribute to BB King called ‘When BB Sings the Blues’, charted at no 5 in February 2016.      

They received two nominations in the British Blues Awards 2015 , taking third in Emerging Artist, and followed this with three in 2016, taking first in keyboards and third in Young Artist.

In January 2017 they released their much-anticipated second album ‘Broken Man’ which is almost entirely original material.  Broken Man also reached no 1 in the IBBA blues airplay charts in March 2017.  This is blues with a very broad brush - from epic prog anthems to stripped back piano ballads.  Reviews include this one from Blues in Britain Magazine:

'Catfish's new Broken Man a turning point for the band showing that not only is Catfish one of the best live bands on the blues circuit at the moment, but that the calibre of their songwriting matches that.' Blues in Britain, December 2016

and this one from Blues Matters Magazine:

'Catfish are one of the finest live bands in Britain today.  The quality of musicianship is outstanding and in Matt Long, they have one of the greatest young guitarists on the scene today...' Blues Matters Magazine August 2017.

Their busy tour schedule has included a number of major festivals including Bluesfest at the 02, Cambridge Rock Festival, The Great British Rock and Blue Festivals in Colne and Skegness as well as major blues clubs all over the country.  In 2018, they have three European tours already booked, and have been asked to play in the USA in July 2018.

Photos: Rob Blackham

Catfish had a fantastic gig at Skegness - these are just a few of the lovely comments from the Facebook page the following day.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Mighty Catfish have arrived. I am not sure I have ever been at a transition gig before, when a working band suddenly makes an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of an entire audience, but that’s what they did. Whilst I am no stranger to these guys, there were a lot of newbies in that room, who are now talking about Catfish and let’s hope that the momentum of public opinion will take these boys to another level. (Alan Bates)

Catfish were another stand out band who also completely captivated a full room of adoring fans. (Blues Matters magazine)

Oh boy. Catfish.....what can I say? Those of you who have seen them may be surprised to hear that some people were talking at the start. Those of you who have seen them will not be surprised to hear that by the end all the attention was towards the stage.....screaming for more. They were sublime. Can't wait for next week at the Half Moon, Putney. 'Broken Man' album launch. If you haven't got a ticket and can get there- get there.....seriously. Just awesome. (Haydn Hart)

My top five at Skeggy

1) Catfish
2) Catfish
3) Catfish
4) Catfish
5) Catfish ...
 (Alan Bates)

Bloody Brilliant. Band of the festival. Enough said. (Susan Chamberlain)

A totally awesome performance which had the whole audience transfixed. (Graham Hutton)